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14. listopadu 2008 v 20:35 | Shichiyou |  Vampire Knight ostatní: fun
Další pěkný test, a je i krátký ;)

A tohle jsou názory na Shichiyou:
*The Guardians*
Zero: I hate her as much as the other vampires. She's no better then any of them.
Yuki: She causes to much trouble, and makes my life harder. Hopefully, Kaname will subdue her.
*The Night Class*
Kaname: I love her. With all my vampire-y heart. She's sweet and mischeivous at the same time. She lives in the gray area, a mystery. She's so intriging.
(Shichiyou: Áááááááááánóóóóóóó!!!!!!!!!!!)
Ruka: I...HATE...HER...
Akatsuki: I went near her once, and Kaname beat me up. I know when someone's off-limits.
Hanabusa: I admire her from afar. But she is my best friend. We hang out a lot. I wish she was my roomate, instead of stinky old Ataksuki.
*Headmaster Cross*: She's wild. She may destroy my theory on vampires. Hopefully Kaname can calm her down, and reverse the affect Hanabusa has had on her.

Basically, you're a wild one. You like to break rules as often as possible, thanks to Hanabusa's influence. You always had a thing for the class president, Kaname Kuran, but figured he would never go for you. Little do you know...

Buď první, kdo ohodnotí tento článek.

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